March 31st, 2003


Repost from coffee list.

This is pretty much all I can say on the matter, and I figure it answers some of the questions asked in the last post's comments, so reposting what I just sent out to the coffee-list:

The problem was that the city cops were going to escort us, let
things go, but POG decided to head into Swissvale. I don't think
anyone realized that's what occurred, hell, I didn't know the border
was there. But, that's where the cops did the arresting. This is
stuff in the press. There's a lot more stuff on IndyMedia
(, and had a picture of me with
the cop arresting me smiling.

Yup. That's all I can say. I have lawyer, will see what happens.
I'll post full story when I can, but that might be a while. I'm
OK now, fortunately had brace on so wrist stayed well, and with
the pepper spray finally washed off at midnight, I was finally able
to breathe right again.

Tonight I'll be on a line that I can actually hunt up the pictures posted to the web, I might post some of those at that point. Right now still at mom's on dialup, though, sucky.