March 28th, 2003



It's not that this information hasn't been put out in recent times in force by the civil liberties advocates (often geeks), but here is a nice summary of the recent domestic changes to policies being put forth by Ashcroft and the Bush Administration:
Bracing for Bush's War at Home

Yes, they really are that scary. I'd thought the Patriot Act II was a dead issue after being spilled to the press, but it looks like it's not as dead as you might think.

This also leads me to post what I've been thinking of recently:

fed: So, we hear you're a commie pacifist french sympathizer.
me: if that's what you mean by being anti-war, then so be it.
fed: Well, you cheese eating surrender monkey lover, we've decided to arrange for you to live among your own.
fed: But, after the expenses in the war, we couldn't actually afford a ticket to France, so we were going to send you to Montreal.
But Canada has gotten sick of anything to do with Americans and is refusing to accept anyone from us this time, so we thought Mexico might be a nice place instead.
But then we remembered you could just come back over the border, so that was no good.
That's when it occurred to us that we have nice property in the Carribean (no, really, they're not colonies, we don't do that). So, we decided we should send all you dissenters to Puerto Rico where at least you can't do any damage by voting.


We're going Easter weekend. So far no other details are available, I need to call Big Bend to see if they're even open (if not, Laurel Fork is always open).

But, we're going. Dammit. Anyone who wants to come along, let me know. :)
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Blame slog for the spam this time.

She disabled commenting. And I had to share this ... while reading her rant on the new dumbass praying law (yah, I know you've read it elsewhere, is why I'm not reposting it for ya here), the lyrics came through my headphones:

If God wants to punish you, he'll answer your prayers.

(see what music I'm listening to now).

And so I don't post anymore, I'm actually pretty busy at work tonight, so no headlines feeding for the lot of you. I'll be lucky if I have time to skim through it all myself.

Hey! Stop cheering!
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This article is interesting in a look at behind the scenes at the White House:
First Stop, Iraq

It's also interesting in how nebulus a light it gives the proceedings, so that anyone of either side can read what they want out of it. Regardless, this week is shaping into the week when America provided its plans for Peace in the Middle East.

I'm not sure why we think we should be imposing our ideals for "Peace" when the Middle East has about 2000 years+ of a history of resentment for each other. Plus, there are democratic powers in the Middle East, and they've certainly been no more peaceful than the rest.

I used to joke, "The only way to get peace in the Middle East is to take it all over and force them into it." I had rather hoped it was understood that my faceitious statement was a ridiculous statement about how it was impossible to exact peace on others, not a suggestion.