March 18th, 2003


I actually picked up Newsweek...

This is an interesting article. I saw the cover story while in line to get diet dr pepper, and so picked it up, read it on the bus on the way into work. It's written from a perspective I just plain don't have about isolationism and Saddam himself.

However, it has a *lot* of interesting things to say about the nature of our global aid and intervention working in our favor to keep the rest of the world from distrusting our large and monopolistic military strength. It is also showing a lot of cases, the policies around Iraq being just the penultimate scenario, where Bush and his administration have at best ignored the rest of the world, usually rudely refused any interaction with others. It's great, it's as though the Bush administration needs T-shirts that say "does not play well with others".

In any case, the point of the article, one which I do agree with, is that flatly ignoring all diplomacy, and destroying all pre-existing diplomatic ties, does mean that we lose a lot of respect from the rest of the world. This is a dangerous thing, as the author does point out that traditionally, the strongest military might is ganged up on. He insists that the reason our military has been left unchecked thus far is because of that diplomacy we are now destroying. This leaves us open to the natural checks and balances.

I say again, unless we change our path drastically, and soon, we'll find ourselves at best crippled later by our own arrogance now, at worst subject to far more attacks from the outside world, and I'm not referring to just "terrorism".