March 17th, 2003


Ok, the more details post.

The wedding was awesome. I mean, I really had a good time at this one, and normally I hate weddings with a pure unadulterated passion normally reserved for... ugh, well, so much for the end to that of "normally reserved for the french", since now it's just not funny anymore.

Anyway, Bekka and Tom made sure to keep the wedding in constant laughter and light-hearted fun. Also, they're old Beehive regulars getting married, so the audience was mostly old regulars. I got to see folks I hadn't in a long while. Much lamenting of the loss of our sacred coffeeshop was heard as well. Sigh.

(For those who don't know... the "Beehive" to which I refer was our second home for so long, the Oakland Beehive. Two years ago it suddenly closed in a battle between the landlord and owners. The Southside Beehive is still open, and that's the one I go to frequently for pinball and coffee..... but it's a different regular crowd and always has been. Many of us remain displaced from our usual coffee-mates.)

Anyway, pictures of the happy couple and many of us are located here. Also, the image I think most captures the essence of the wedding:Collapse )

Post wedding mari, mikey, and I watched movies and drank a lot of good scotch. Jeff joining us later. That was fun.

The protest was another protest with illegal march. It was long. It was hot. But, I shook a few hands of some of the people I commonly see at these things, it'd be nice to know more than three people I'm marching with all the time. I got a couple good pictures of Troy and Shannin, which is good since they're moving to New Orleans soon (waah!)

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And that's my long weekend.

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So, while I was protesting, a lot of news happened. Most of it is obvious, yes, I do realize that we're likely to start bombing on Tuesday despite France's acceptance of a strict 30-day disarm policy.

And I do know you're probably sick of hearing about the bulldozed chick in Israel, but it just makes me sick when I see the pictures of her last stand. The bulldozer was in a completely unnecessary game of chicken with her when all he had to do was wait until the authorities picked her ass off the dirt mound. Good god.

Dear Mr G. W. Bush,

Excuse me sir, but have you taken a serious look at your country recently? In the name of anti-war activism, people are attempting to burn flags, and harrassing poor employees of Starbucks, The Gap, and other major chain stores having nothing to do with the war in Iraq. In the name of pro-military troupes, people are driving their jeeps into pools of water in your own city, and worse, telling any foreign looking folks to "go home". These are ridiculous things occurring on both ends of the spectrum, all because we stand as a nation so divided, we're starting to war with each other.

Sir, this is exactly your responsibility as leader of our people to work with. Ignoring that the dissention exists is not dealing with it, it only serves to make it worse. Telling us that we should follow your lead without question is also counter-productive, it only makes it look like arrogance on your part about our inability to think critically; further it stands against the principles we were indocrinated with growing up.

So, I implore you Mr President, please take some time to start to look at your own country and try to work with the people from both sides. Talk with us, not at us, join us, understand us. Then you could truly represent us, and we could feel more at ease feeling represented.

Thank you.