March 7th, 2003


random stuff.

So, uh, I joined Friendster. It's ckn's fault. I'm not going to be inviting anyone, but if you're already on there, let me know.


Also, the temptation to just buy a cheap house instead of finding a new roommate is growing, though I still have absolutely no desire to move the piano.

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Growing up, the people across the street from us owned the local fencing company, and loved to have the neighborhood kids around. Their kids were older enough than me that I saw them as my babysitters, and later as the college kids who came by to give us younger kids advice, but the whole family never stopped being involved with the neighborhood. Part of their involvement was letting all of the neighborhood kids use their basketball court; I got a picture of it yesterday while over at Mom's house:
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More pics I gathered in my mom-trip are at: