March 1st, 2003


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So, after wandering around in insomnia with my roomie all day, I finally got to bed at 5pm. Now, it's 3:30am, and I'm awake. Gawddammit.

Though, I put more pictures from today up at:

Really useful article a friend just posted to me:

Summary: Cheney (surprise surprise) lied, and an interview with an inspector from 1995 tells just how he lied, and gives the reasons why the inspector believes that Iraq is disarmed.

And that's probably it for the night from me. Your friends page is relieved of my spam!!!

[edit: after reading my last entry, I realized I went to bed at 6:30, not 5:30 ... I was too tired to read the clock right, and I know I did pass out right after checking lj.]
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Hey, I got something I wanna do, and soon. I'm around this week, dunno
if you're in Uniontown or not, but email me or find me on IRC to arrange
to get together at some point.

Yah, I know I'm using LJ to communicate with one local person, but I
forgot his email address. :)

Ok, this is the most amusing politics to come out recently..

On the meeting of the Arab League and the positions of war with Iraq:


Libyan leader Moammar Gadahfi attributed all the troubles of the Middle East to the presence of U.S. troops. He blamed Saudi Arabia for forming "an alliance with the devil" when bringing U.S. troops to the region during the Gulf War.

Crown Prince Abdullah interrupted angrily asking Ghadafi who had put him in power and saying he should not speak about things he knows nothing about. He denied that Saudi Arabia was an agent of the United States.

At that point Egyptian television, which was broadcasting the proceedings, pulled the plug on meeting.
On the other hand, Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri called on U.S. President George W. Bush to resign.

"I think that he should step down because he is a dictator and a despot who does not respond to the opinions of millions of people. He is driving the whole world and the whole of his country to danger," Sabri said "He should stand down."

On the more serious note related to that article, it did mention there was a strong set of the nations who thought that Iraq's disarming of the Al Samoud 2 missiles was a very positive sign (though others disagreed), and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal said in a CNN interview that US Troops in post-war Iraq would lead to chaos.


Also amusingly, a friend of mine this morning stated, "Well, now we're calling for Hussein to step down to deter war. What's next? We ask the Iraqi people to wear purple hats and then invade with the words, 'We didn't say George Bush said'!" And this friend isn't one of my protesting friends, hrmm.
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oh, btw.


I'm sorry I will not be at the party, working tonight :(

But you will see the pookster and her mate... and their new toy (ahem, hint hint, but lips sealed until tomorrow).
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