February 14th, 2003


hrmm, guess an update's in order.

Not much to tell. It's my last night of work for the week, tomorrow I'll be at Voltaire for you folks in Pittsburgh who'll be there too. We're out of stuff to do here at work, so I've mostly been keeping myself occupied most of the night doing one thing or another. It was good to see tyrsalvia on our IRC channel for the night, even though I was alternately idle with stuff.

The game last night was awesome. Some of the Solars came in to invade our Lunars party, and offer us a major storyarc quest to participate in. We did much storytelling at each other, and discussion of how we're going to go about the upcoming ventures. We've discovered a lot of skill swaps we can make between members of the two parties, and are forming good bonds. Unlikely with Lunars and Solars, but they're good folk! So next week some of us are going to run off to find Swan Dragon, return him from madness, and learn Celestial Sorcery. I still need to figure out what my character's giving up, but then I already know. I just don't want to admit it. But I guess that's the nature of such trials.

Then we get a break while Geoff figures out how to manage the climax of the storyarc. This is probably good, gives me some time to get some stuff done and get used to this new midnight-8am schedule work has me on.

Also, looks like I'll be heading into Columbus next weekend to visit yukon_jack, bluelang, magentamom, and Roni while Zach's in town. A drunken fun time will be had by all, oh yes.

Classes are going well, I'm finally caught up and comfortable in both. We're reading up on the history of sugar, slavery, capitalism, the Americas, and how that all intertwines in Cultural Anthropology. We saw a film this past week about Africa's oppression by capitalist ventures, and the racist motivations behind them. Very interesting stuff to me, really. I suspect my next paper might be mired in a lot more of my hot-headed nature. :)

And that, folks, is my life. Have a good weekend!
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ok, one more post.

This is an incredible article on the culture of Silicon Valley and the effects of the layoffs on different age ranges of those laid off. I especially like the passage:

"The material consumption in Silicon Valley is horrific," Thalberg said. "People have this sense of entitlement. They want the new BMW and the diamond ring. And the dot-com bubble was an enabler of all this arrogance."

Thalberg hopes the downturn is forcing people to re-examine their priorities and the role of work in their lives. Still, he wonders how long the new perspective will last and he worries that the workaholic values of the boom years will return when the economy picks up.

"I'm pretty mad at Silicon Valley right now," Thalberg said. "The value structure of this valley is harmful. The question is: Will people learn from this downturn? Will they be changed when the six-figure jobs come back? Or will they turn their backs on their families and friends, on their lives, for the company again?"

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