February 11th, 2003


more yay!

So, uh, there's not much to do at work tonight, and, uh, Craven was online and helping me with this stuff... so.


My very first assembly program. :)

This is mostly so my brother can look at it and tell me how I could have done things better, but also because I'm so happy it's done! Now tomorrow I can go to Phantom and the library and *only* have reading for Cult Anth to do!! Stress gone!

apparently, protesters for peace are a threat to national security


No, seriously. I was hoping the reason to deny the protest's permit was like "We don't want to disturb businesses or hold up traffic" which is still lame, but at least it's a reason considering people's rights (just non-protesters vs protesters). No, they said security was the issue. Er, ok, so protesters marching for peace can somehow contain a terrorist or terrorist group that may walk up to the UN Building to detonate it when they wouldn't otherwise do it without SIXTY ZILLION COPS AROUND. And given the history of these things, you know people will march anyway, and now they'll just get arrested. It's like we don't have enough people in jail or something. Argh!

Edit later:

So, someone passed me this article on the subject:


While the writer and I are on opposite opinions on the war, we're in one mind about the freedom of speech. And I'm *so* glad I didn't read the Sun article. According to them, I'm treasonous. *sigh*