February 7th, 2003



So, my IRC channel is looking at what they get for "Love and Relationships" from http://astrology.msn.com/Thirdeye/Tarot/ and my answer really amuses me lots:

The Empress is the great Earth Mother and represents abundance, fertility and life. She heals and nurtures, freely giving and receiving love. Through hard work, she has had much success and is willing to help others. A wife, mother, career woman, the Empress is grounded in life.You will now reap the rewards of your hard work in the past. Keep your feet firmly planted in the ground.

The journey into the unknown is filled with potential and surprises. The Fool is unique and unpredictable. His trust in a higher power is possible through child- like innocence. This innocence brings newness to all situations. Faith guides the Fool in adventure, personal growth and spiritual journies.Live in the moment and let go of all the demands and expectations you have placed on yourself. You must let go of the worries and fears that hold you back because life is starting anew.

The World card represents that feeling of a job well done. We are content and feel at home and comfortable anywhere in the world. This card usually comes up signifying the completion of a life era. A positive symbol, the World card indicates the ability to fulfill the hearts desire. It is time of feeling involved and connected with the world as a whole; it is now clear that we are all part of one universe.Past lessons are learned, and you are now free to go in any direction.

I am sad.

slog is sick and it's snowing lots, so she's decided to not make it out. Which means no Henry Rollins for us today :(

On the other hand, it's a Bleys birthday fest tonight, and I'm still going to get out to Anti-Flag tomorrow.

Ooo, plus, doorbell just went off, and both of the CDs I recently ordered (Backlash - Impetus, and the Cyber-Tec America compilation) have arrived! Now to rip and upload!
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