February 6th, 2003



I just wanted to post to catch the song currently playing, since it captures my state of mind perfectly. The fever spells are shortening, hopefully tomorrow I'll be better. Nini all.
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to address the two issues posted about the most atm..

on lj limits: Read the news. They're having trouble with f***wads bombing the servers. Limits make sense. And if you have to post more than 5 posts a day, you're posting too much (I say this as someone who posts too damn much). If you still need to make more than that many posts, then buy an account and support the poor SysAdmins running the servers for it. Period.

On V-day. I ignore it every year. If you want to complain about corporations doing something just to get your money, this is one of the exemplary holidays for it. This is my last post on that matter.
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Yes, I'm in a bitchy mood. Deal.

Another meme I'm disregarding.

This Evil Quiz thing. I looked at it, I agree with sailormur on its incredible disregard for simple matters such as geography (which may be a joke) and spelling (which isn't). But moreover, there was no "none of the above" option for any of the questions that I would love to have answered that with -- which was all of them excepting the only question with a "none of the above" option.

So, I've decided I'm so evil, I thumb my nose at the quiz. Thank you.

Back to your regularly scheduled posts which are likely to have more content than mine right now.
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