February 5th, 2003


yet another meme...

Currently wearing: black jeans, black turtleneck, black t-shirt ("got root?"), charcoal jacket, hiking boots.

Currently reading: lots, most of which has been put aside for the class books (Assembly text, and More Fi' something or other I start reading this week for Cultural Anthropology). The main books I was working on before classes started were "The Silmarillion" and "Noise, the political statement of music."

Currently listening: mpg123 -z on the following directories:
AsAllDie        Coil            assemblage23    misc
Attrition       InSoc           ctec            ChrisConnelly
StrangeDays     jonandgwen      septicIII

Currently browsing: Livejournal.

Currently playing: er, guess this means which games. Bruce's D20 Modern horror game and Geoff's Lunars game. I wish I had more time for some more pickup and one-shots, but as it stands I get no sleep. Oh, and TBG, of course.

Currently enrolling: University of Pittsburgh, CS, in classes mentioned above.

Currently working on: Support mailbox for pair Networks, Inc (hence my finding distractions). Homework for above classes. Revolution compilation. etc etc etc.

Currently craving: sleep.

Currently eating: well, drinking diet dr pepper.

Currently admiring: All my writer friends for being able to do what they do.

I amb zick.


Yay coughing through classes, erg. I'm taking tonight off work, sleeping this off.
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    Anti-Flag - Confused Youth