February 4th, 2003


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This is no real surprise, but I disagree with its conclusion. I also had problems answering some of the questions as they weren't really my sentiment behind it. Though, I guess if I had my answers there, I'd just be put into "radical, we don't care what you think" territory. :)

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Ok, paper v2

After the professor made the request that I axe a bit out of the environment description, and give a bit more of a link between marriage, subsistence, and kinship... I rewrote some minor parts tonight. It's up at the old place, but as I'm about to run off to my mom's to print it up for class tomorrow, you lose on critique time. :)
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Thank you eolh!

So, I gather up my stuff to head to work figuring if I leave at 10:15, I have time to stop at the store on the way in (takes me 15 mins to get into work usually)... then I get to the door.

Now, see, I hadn't actually looked out the window in a few hours. It was a whiteout blizzard, looked like 4" had fallen in the past hour, and still going strong. I brush off the car and call into work to say I'll be late.

On the way, I see countless cars grounded, and 4 buses completely hosed (one of which was at a stop and still sliding). But I, I decided to put in the yet to be released Nick Cave CD Matt burned for me, and I pass them all up without a problem, Nick Cave screaming, "BRING IT ON!" for me. And even with the stop at the store, I get into work just one minute late.

Awwww yeeeah.