February 3rd, 2003


Septic III compilation

So, I have it on mp3 on my workstation after ripping and uploading from home (this is how I listen to my new CDs now), and I have to say that there are a couple tracks which I have really been digging more and more. I'm ashamed to admit it, since, well, it is the Septic compilation, but hey. Anyway, here they are:

PsychoBitch -- Wakeup (SITD Mix)
This one's angry in that same sort of "YOU SUCK!" way, except to that techno-industrial beat. Ok, so the lyrics aren't much more than, "Tell me what you wanna be, different things you're telling me, Wake up!" but that just adds to the anger level for me. :)

Backlash -- Regression is no option (Clean Version)
This one's got the ethereal quality found in HMB's "Everything", sad and beautiful.

I would *heart* any of you DJs out there who'd play these at the clubs for, particularly the former. Hell, I'll even bring the CD if you let me know. Thank you!

(Though, dammit, I just noticed I missed Snog last night, ack! Curse my slow-wakeup night!)