January 28th, 2003


The State of the Union.

You know what? We should attack Iraq. And then after we're done demolishing their people, we should go after France. Why France? Oh, didn't you know they have "nukular" weapons? And as GWB just said, why have "nukular" weapons if you don't plan on using them against the USA! And hell, France was using them just a few years ago off the coast of New Zealand, why would they be testing if they weren't up to something? Their own people don't even know they have these "nukular" weapons (source: NPR poll found over 70% of the french citizens did not know they had nuclear weapons) -- such deception the government is practicing! You know, this explains why they're so adamantly against this war thing with Iraq too, I'll bet they're in cahoots!


Because you know, killing people sets them free.
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