January 15th, 2003


(no subject)

Finished my second week of the semester, still no homework. This bodes ominously as I suspect I'll be getting it all at once. Went to Zombo's after class, as per usual, and Ray was of course there. But surprisingly, so was icouldhavelied, rapier1, and Mikey! We played pinball, pool, hung out. Everyone seemed to be in a fairly laid back mood. Then I missed my bus, got into work late, doh!

There's a whole lot I want to chat about coming out of my Cultural Anthropology class, but the thoughts are still ruminating in my head now. Hopefully I'll find the time and headspace to put them down here for general discussion later.

Anecdote from the night. Upstairs from Zombo's was a punk show, so as I was entering the doors, some kid sitting on the street looking like he was coming down from some kind of high asked me who I was seeing. "I'm going to Zombo's Record Party", I replied. "Well, the security up there is fucked up, don't mess with them," he told me. Heh, guess he got thrown out.