January 8th, 2003



The weekend of Saturday, the 18th, we're gonna go down to see eolh DJ. slgarrett, that's why I asked if you were still down there. You should show up to The Meeting Place, for Midnight on Saturday the 18th to see us!

Oh yah, school.

Bought my books today. One hour in line to check out, $150 paid for them. Two classes, I think I have 5 books. 4 are for Cultural Anthropology, the last very very VERY thick one is for Assembly Language.

I will note that my right arm was shaking for 2 hours post standing in line with all these books for so long. Remember I have to go easy on my left arm still!
I got to talk to some freshmen though. Too bad they weren't very interesting, and I think I freaked out the freshman chick when I ranted about the wooden nutcracker Pitt basketball player (we were making fun of the Pitt paraphernelia) by saying, "If I wanted a Pitt basketball player in my home, he'd better be 9 ft tall, with only one place wooden, and not cracking any nuts!" She stopped talking to me after that.

Next semester I go to the bookstore early. No, really.


So, it looks like I'll survive the four hours of classes on Wednesdays very well. My Cultural Anthropology class looks like it's going to kick a lot of ass. The professor just came back from spending time with indigenous peoples in Ecuador for seven months, and has a lot of interesting anecdotes about that. In fact, he started the class illustrating cultural differences with a story about a bus ride in Mexico where here people will go out of their way to avoid eye contact at all times, but in Mexico, he found people staring at him for hours on the bus. Like, two inches from his face.

Plus, the material is really interesting it looks like. His main point is to try to get across to people that native people aren't "backwards" or "lesser", so we should try to understand them from their perspective, and since I've always been a relativist, this aligns with my belief system very nicely. The grade is *only* going to be based on four papers we write based on the reading materials, class notes, and films we watch. This is gonna rule.

Oh yah, and it helps that he's *really* cute. I could watch him for hours, oh yes. *drool*

So, my fear about four hours of class in one day defeating my short attention span is now gone!

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Anyway, that's my random musings after my first class in the subject. I think it might help change my perspective in how I view the world, which is a very good thing -- it's what I'm in University for. And it means it'll be an excellent course.