January 4th, 2003


(no subject)

Went to Friday Night Improvs last night for the first time ever. Yes, I know I've been in this city on and off for how long? and I've never been. So, that was much fun. For those not here, FNI is an audience participation show of comedy. It has things you'd find in comedy routines or on "Whose Line is it Anyway?" but the audience is asked to volunteer for the skits. So, one was "Worst thing to say when..." and the audience was asked for subjects the people up front were to give the worst thing to say for. Well, one of the audience said a profession of "Oncology". The host says, "Because cancer is just so funny."

At that point I recalled the Two Towers premiere night, "Yah, cancer's really f***ing funny you f***heads." If you don't know the story, ask. If you do, laugh.

After FNI, we went out to Eat N Puke for much fun. We had to explain to the waitress that we really weren't drunk, really. She was great, though, she even brought nukleardecay another ketchup bottle as he was having ketchup with some food on the side.

Then back to Ray's for a slumber party and geeking. I'm still there, having played way too much Jet Grind Radio all night. Woot!

So, the moral is, I really should be more social more often.