January 2nd, 2003


holidays or something

NYE was fun, I think. I started drinking at 6pm, sometime just before midnight, Amul said, "Drink of my head," and I did. I remember not much from that point until Jeff took me home around 4am as I was passing out on the couch from alcohol poisoning.

Mostly, the only thing I remember is getting to the bathroom at some point and yelling, "GOOD GOD! DID SOMEONE F*** A FEATHER IN HERE???" I have an impression that pretty much everything out of my mouth was something like that most of the night. This is confirmed by someone I never met before running into me again today and saying, "Hey! It's the fun drunk lady!" I'm sorta glad I don't remember much. Hell, I don't even remember posting my last entry. I kinda don't wanna know what inspired it. Oof.

Oddly, I woke up without much of a hangover. Good thing, had a big day. First eolh, inmostlight, and I were going to go see the Bond flick. Unfortunately, Matt and I got there late, after it'd sold out, and couldn't find Adam, so ended up calling Ray and finding food at the Mexican place on Atwood (not Mad Mex, "La Fiesta" or whatever). Then went back to the Colony to watch the last of the party wrap up, and say goodbye to yukon_jack and Holman before they took off, play some more Hunter: the Reckoning on the GameCube, and take a nap. Then it was off to Zombo's to see Yary in from San Francisco and Boo in from Arizona! Long day! Now I'm at work!

Which I should get back to doing.
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oh yah, resolutions.

I didn't make any. If I do, it's so I can break them as soon as possible, so hey.

I did decide something though. With the announcement of my roommate getting married, and my having to replace her sooner than expected (September, likely), I'm thinking I should do that getting rid of stuff thing I've been meaning to do, take down the Entertainment Room, and putting two roommates in her stead, thus reducing my rent. I was thinking of dismantling the computer room too, but realized my sanity needs me to have the third floor for myself. But 2 roommates will reduce my rent enough to really knuckle down and start saving money.

See, what I really decided... I go back to school full time in 2004. I want to graduate by summer of 2005. I don't want to put this kind of pressure on myself, but I know it's what I want.... I want to then go to graduate school. If I can arrange things so that I'm degreed by summer 2005, and going to grad school that fall, I have that summer to go to Calcutta and Australia. This is my ideal plan.

I'm hoping that having made it, I don't break under the pressure when I'm doing doing perfectly, chastising myself for not being able to attain that one thing I want, like last time... but I also know I'd be happy with the backup plan regardless. Hell, I'm happy now, I have been for a while, so hey. But, it'd be really sweet if things could fall into the place they seem to be falling into now.
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