December 25th, 2002


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I'd just like to say, Canadian money, despite its appearance, is not completely monopoly money, and it does add up. Wow, I spent a lot of money on my trip. Is good, was mostly planned spending, and I came in well under budget still, but I'm kinda stunned at how much outflow I accomplished in one week.

Oh yah, I'm typing with two hands again for the first time since I broke the left hand. I have to prop the left arm on my sweatshirt and a scarf so that it's not all willy nilly in space growing tired too quickly (I still can't twist it all the way quite right, so it's got to get just the right angle)... and I'll prolly have to stop typing with it soon for tired muscles in there, but I'm doing it. While I am, I can type MUCH faster, so expect more random postings by me again. :)

pittsburgh weather

I was worried about getting stuck here due to a predicted immense snowfall. So far, it's rained a lot, then snowed a bit, then rained more, then snowed....

I'm going home. Hopefully it'll have decided what the weather's like by the time I wake up.
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it's christmas, so i watched my traditional christmas day movie in the solitude of my own home (moulin rouge) while finishing preparing the cds i'm giving out. next i will clean some, then head off to work.

my brother and sister in law are probably spending a lot of time with her extensive family, my mom is drinking heartily with friends of hers south of here by about an hour, many of my friends are spending time at the fortress, but i am alone. this is by choice, of course, i really do need to get the place ready for incoming folks for new year's celebrations. but after a week of being around people, i am feeling somewhat lonely. not in the depressed way of lonliness i realize a lot of people feel around this holiday, just in the way of trying to readjust back to my normal mode of life.

it will be nice having people around on friday for games and drinking again, then new year's will be its usual incredible blast, then i will have to go through this readjustment again. but then i'll also be busy with schoolwork, i'll immerse myself in my studies and my work again, the solitude will be welcome.

but tonight i feel lonely.

Through the times of lasting love
When parents talked of things tried and tested
It don't feel the same
-- Portishead, "Half Day Closing"
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