December 16th, 2002


to prevent panic before it ensues...

since one person's asked already... i'm *not* really fired. i was just playing the game in the link and getting really creative.

ok, y'all can now continue your rumours about my love life, or my lack of intelligence, or about who you think i hate this week, or not at all as you would normally gossip about in my profound absence from social life :)

though, if anyone hears anything really juicy about me, like i got killed in an airplane accident, or i took one too many hits of acid and ended up in the psych ward, or other clever bits, please feel free to share!

it's all the pink elephants man...
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Just got email from my friend in Australia...

Her husband was admitted to Duke University's MBA program. Ranju will be looking to start finding a medical research center in Durham, NC to operate out of in 2004.

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