November 26th, 2002


philly/nyc tentative planZ

So, I'm going to philly for turkey day and weekend. I'll be at slog's for most of it, but i of course plan to hit south street in there. I'm also thinking of driving up to nyc saturday evening to visit people, so if you're there and wanna be visited, let me know and i'll send you my cell phone #.


I go philly tomorrow! I see slog! I see Patrick! k3llya go with me! I so excited!

Ahem, ok. Got the car rented, it's a Ford Focus; which I'm relieved about. I've seen Focuses handle ok in snow before, and the going out is going to be snowy. I'm going to make sure we gat their safely, not speedily, though, and will use cell phone as needed (it will be hooked up to charger in car the whole way). The driving in the blizzard tonight has already gone well, too :)

I got groceries for trip, much water and rice milk for the road, and supplies for turkey day. I even found time after packing and loading the car to make a new driving mix cd (all techno/ebm/synthpop, all the time, thump thump thump). The car does have cd player internal, so all is love.

i'm going to philly!!!!!!! it's been a year! i miss it!! yay!!!!!
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