November 15th, 2002


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so, eyebeams suggested i read some part of the art of war for the lunars game and gave me a link to the chapter. after my eyes bled on the background image on that site, i found a .txt version, downloaded it, and scripted in an interface. so, now you too can enjoy sun tzu's the art of war in such a way as to not bleed from the eyes:

of course, in doing all that, i never did actually *read* the chapter.

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so, my cabbie stranded me.

what happened? well, i had to hit the bank to get my paycheck deposited, and it being waaay past my bedtime at that point, i called a cab. i was picked up on the SS, taken home, the fare was $5.45. I presented a 10 and 2 1's, asked for a 5 in return.

"I don't have no change, just 2 20's, don't you have change?"

"no, no I don't."

"ain't there a store nearby?"

"this is a residential neighborhood, the nearest store isn't nearby."

"well, why don't you got change?"

"ok, here, turn left..."

so we went to the rite-aid down the hill... he pulls up in the handicapped spot, then sits quiet. at this point i am livid, as i just wanted to go home and sleep, so ask, "you don't expect me to go in, do you?"

"i'm not going in, why should i have the change?"

"because you're a business."

"i'm no business, you ain't got no change, yes, go inside."

i made damn sure to get his name before getting out, corey freeman, went inside. the cashier informs me they don't give out change. at this point i'm calling the cab company, return outside.

"well, they don't give change, and i'm calling the company to see their solution."

"i don't know why you got no change, i just don't have change, why should i have change?"

he kept muttering that as he pulled away and took off. i noted the cab number, 209.

the call picked up 5 minutes later, the attendant was sorry, got me a new cab, and hooked me up with the PR dept's answering machine. i gave details there, if they ask, i will present this entry as full details, etc.

but, i am home 1 hour after i first called the cab from a driving distance away of less than 10 minutes. the last 10 minutes i spent outside, i got to watch a funeral... casket carried out and car procession. i'm not a happy camper.