November 12th, 2002



talking to eolh just now, realized that most of y'all on here now don't know about the alternate journal i keep. conversation as follows as explanation..

<arcane> christ, why is everyone on livejournal going off on dying lately
[latency before i paid attention]
<gwen> is that time of the year?
<gwen> for death
<arcane> I was thinking that maybe
<arcane> dunno
* gwen posted death stuff to journalDark, heh
<gwen> before halloween
<arcane> journaldark?
<gwen> it's the depressing side
<gwen> heh
<arcane> heh, damn, I can barely keep up with posting in one journal
<arcane> in fact, about half of the things I would normally post about don't
+get posted, because by the time I get around to it they're too far in the
<gwen> yah, well
<gwen> most of the journalDark is about introspection and the past
<arcane> ah
<arcane> ok, I can understand that
<arcane> I'm always hesitant to post that kind of stuff to livejournal, just
+because of the nature of it
<arcane> so having a separate journal makes sense
<gwen> it's a psychologic sepaation for me.
<gwen> separation.
<gwen> i want to concentrate on the present, and the fact that my life is
+finally getting some sense about it.
<gwen> but the journal i had ben keepin was sorta pure in its intense
+introspection, i didn't want to disturb that into the fluff i knew i'd
+degenerate into (on lj)... so i pulled them apart.
<arcane> ah, yeah, makes sense

(forgive typos, one handed typing sucks that way)