October 18th, 2002


saving typing..

* gwen is recasted
<izzylobo> Now she's being played by Jolene Blaylock!
<gwen> :)
<gwen> smaller cast on, feels better
<Victor> Bleah, that means we're stuck with a pseudovalue of her, pointing to
an instance of something else.
<gwen> they also gave me some "bone stimulator" gadget
<izzylobo> Is the new... yeah, what I was just going to ask.
<Eric> Hey, Gwen. Nice to hear that.
* gwen grins atta victor
*** Signoff: Edmund (Leaving) at Fri Oct 18 8:17 PM PDT.
<Eric> One of those electric thingies?
<gwen> ultrasound
<izzylobo> Is this some nanoplastic widget with an emitter head that you wave
at your arm four times a day, with a sticker on it that says "Property of
Stafleet Medical"?
<izzylobo> Cause it sounds like one.
<Squid> Hmmmm. Can it be used as a cool sex toy?
<gwen> but, i wasn't supposed to have this all done today... i just kept
trying to sleep and waking up screaming in pain, my hand felt like it was on
<gwen> turns out the cast was just so loose, the fracture was being jostled
<izzylobo> Ouchie?
<gwen> alex: alas, no.
<izzylobo> Ewwww!!!
<gwen> :)
* "... and then her hand went bad..." [Victor]
<Squid> "Everything can be use as a sex toy." "So says the farmer."
<izzylobo> Ewwww!
* Squid bows.