October 10th, 2002


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doc report from this morning gives me a "it's finally healing!"

the xrays weren't scary this time, the bones are all in place and
new growth is evident. i keep the current cast too :)


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ok, i feel like i've just taken another step into unix guru. i
just did:

root@qs377# foreach i ( `ls ????{092[3-9],0930,1001}*` )
foreach? ./logs `echo $i | sed s/\.logs//`
foreach? end

yes, i know it'd have been geekier to do the foreach on the same
line, but i like seeing it spread out. generally i'm doing more
than one line of commands at a time, and my shell allows me to
backscroll and edit the whole loop, so one line is unnecessary.

this disclaimer is to pre-empt athanasius and rapier1, :)
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