September 24th, 2002


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so, i am at work again!

i got up at 11am today, ran some errands around campus trying (in
vain) to get a transcript -- i've been waiting for pair to do the
tuition reimbursement thing to pay the current semester, so i have
a hold on my account until that's paid.. i think i'm just going to
give in and pull up some money from savings to pay it now -- anyway,
doing all that so i can talk to prof ramirez (now dept advisor,
yay!) and get my current class officially recognized. So, after
dashing even back to office to see if I had a copy of the transcript
in some papers there (i didn't), I dashed bavk over to the dept

just to miss ramirez by 2 minutes. argh!

i left note, hopefully will wash, rinse, repeat later this week.
this time with paid uni and transcript in hand. sigh.

so, went back to class after that. ellicited a gasp from heart
attack boy, that was funny. got all the info on the assignment
too, though going to prof's office hours tomorrow to discuss
what all i missed last week. then i tried to nap, couldn't,
then came here to work.

tomorrow, in addition to prof meeting, going to bank and to the
ss hospital radiology dept to get my xray films for doc appt on
wed am, then going home to see maxx, pick up two books for class,
and sync my pda (it died during a battery transfer, sigh)...

so. i'm back to my usual no-sleep too-much-to-do life. yay!

oh yah, and..

I now have "CYBORG CHEESE" written on the foam. :)

plus, working tonight is making me glad i use vi. i can navigate in
that with one hand supa-easy. can't imagine using emacs, i'm having
enough trouble with doing the ctrl-navigational commands on prompt.

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I also just geeked out and found broken parts in the server room
wastebasket and improved the foam cheese. there's a comp fan in
one of the top holes, scsi cable on the side, and some wires.

i'm such a dorque.
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ok, yes, photos are forthcoming. Rob just took some of me with
cyborg cheese and of arm itself. he'll let me know when they're
up, and i'll post them here.

and news! i took my bath all by myself today!!!!!! yaaaay!!!!

everyone keeps asking if this thing hurts, and i have to say, of
course it bloody well hurts, my arm is trying to heal lots of pieces
of me! but really, the worst part of this is that i am so dependent
on everyone around me. i'm just not used to it, and feel very weak
and vulnerable for it.

but tomorrow i see the doctor, and i'm out and doing things now,
so i think i'm doing pretty well and will soon be back to independence.

oh, though, i do have a huge favor to ask... can anyone take me
shopping on saturday afternoon? i want to get a cell phone and hit
some computer store to look at cd labelling things. i also desperately
need to have time away from mom for a bit. thanks!!