September 19th, 2002


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so. i broke my arm. bad. i am typing with one hand now, so please forgive the typos.

monday morning, i was tired, but decided to ride my bike home anyway. then, i dumbly decdided to hop the curb, something i've done before, but i've also messed up before (though not for a long while), to get to the bus stop. i came in from the wrong angle, and didn't pull up on the handlebars in time (i've replayed this many times in my head since). i went down, it was actually pretty slowly (or maybe just felt that way), didn't think i was coming down as hard as i was, so stuck out my hsands to break the fall.

well, because the bike was stil turning against the curb, bith hsands became the left only, and it hit at a bad angle. i felt the snap and knew it'd broken. i completed the fall to end up on my back and started screaming "HELP!" then ppl came by, called parameds, talked to me until they came while i tried to maintain consciousness. the parameds came, and had me uncover my left arm fir the first time -- had been holding it with my right -- while asking which hospital i wanted to go to. adter seeing my arm, we all decided the hospital four blocks away wasd the best idea. that's the only time pre-surgewry i saw the arm, it was the only time i wanted to. it was mangled. bad.

i got to the emergency room next, and they cut off my sweater, removed my backpack, etc, and as each doctor and nurse came in and saw the arm, would exclaim, "OH MY GOD!"

so, when i finally break something, i do it well. heh.

i went in for surgery right away, then spent two days in the hospital under sedation and IV anti-biotics. i'm at my mom's house now, still taking lots percusset, so out of it but is ok, when that wears off it hurts.

my arm has no cast yet, the compound fracture was so severe, they had to bolt my arm into an external steel pipe while the tissue healed. hopefully rthe bone heals as it should aswell, or they're going to have to rebreak it and insert internal steel plates.

i have a protective foam block around my arm, it's yellow and full of holes, so i call it my cheese arm. M called the external piping a cyborg arm, so i'm amused to think of my arm as a cyborg-cheese arm.

friends and family have been in contact, that's been cool. got pretty flowers from relatives and was surprised to get some from margo and todd (thanks!) too. the nurses at upmc-ss were slow, but really friendly and helpful. i need to thank the ppl who initially responded to my screams too.

i'll post again when i'm around more reliably, but needed to get that out.