August 30th, 2002


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So, I cancelled out on going to Philly this weekend so I could stay
home and sleep. Turns out, I get to go to Mom's on Sunday (which
means she'll wake me up at noon again) so that I can help her
neighbor with his computer woes that evening. Not that I mind
helping him out, mind you, and there really isn't a better time to
work on this, I'm just a bit bitter about the fact that the problem
of me being in Pittsburgh still means I don't get sleep, ever,

Three more years of school to go.
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Why I should have ridden my bike.

I always forget about the crowds on weekends going up to see the
view on Grandview. I got on the incline, past the throngs of people,
then managed to somehow get past all the throngs of people headed
into Station Square only to *just miss* the bus taking off from the
T stop. Dammit.

Shoulda ridden my bike in. Ah well, will do that tomorrow.