August 21st, 2002



eyebite, vocis, and I are going to make a
punk band called "Waffle Time". We have determined that we will
be too hardcore for CDs, shows, and even instruments, we're just
going to skip to the meat of the band and drink a lot while screaming
"UH OH IT'S WAFFLE TIME" and "OI OI OI!" a lot.

We are not currently looking for more members, but we might kidnap
those we deem worthy for guest appearances.

one of those question things.

1. Who do you most fear reading your "friends only" entries on Live Journal?

No one. The only real reason I ever put things on friends only (or
other sub categories) is a categorization system of my own for
discussing darker issues. If I put it online at all, however, I
consider it public. My throwing things into different categories
is mostly because the general public just plain doesn't want to
hear me whine. Hell, most of my friends don't either.

2. Who would wind up supplying a very different view of your life than the one you portray through your LJ were they an active member of your "friends list"?

Hopefully, everyone. I do not dictate how people see me, I do not
have just one aspect to my personna, I want everyone to have a
completely different take on who they think I am. That makes things
more interesting.

3. Who in your life seems most displeased when you write about them in your Live Journal?

Me. I hate it when I write about myself. Oh wait! There's no
other point to this thing! Doh!

Somehow I suspect I'm not the target audience for these questions.