August 20th, 2002


Back to school time.

It's the final week of my brief break between classes. I'm still
not sleeping well, so I think I'm going to take a sleeping pill
tomorrow to knock myself into unconsciousness for a significant
period of time and get myself reset.

I did get my Pitt ID, my book for the upcoming class (*), and some
paperwork done for the coming semester. I also bought a sleeping
bag on sale in Shadyside so that now I actually have something that
will keep me *warm* in the fall camping season (my old sleeping bag
lost so much down, my top side would be perpetually freezing). So
I guess now Ray and I are obligated to get out to the woods next
month. ahem.

vocis and I might go down to NC for a wedding of an
old friend of mine this coming weekend; depending on if she can
make it (I decided my driving down there alone is a recipe for
falling asleep at the wheel, heh). Yay!

And the last piece of news... the mechanic couldn't find the leak
on my Explorer -- which means it's not likely to be the transmission,
but some failing gasket somewhere. Soooo... no Wrangler yet, the
Explorer will yet live a while longer.

HEY eolh

So, Ray and I are going camping second weekend of September. If
Big Bend is still open, we'll do that, or we'll hit Laurel Fork

If anyone else (HINT HINT MATT), wants to join us, let us know. :)