August 17th, 2002



I missed the party tonight, sorry about that everyone who went. I
also didn't know about eolh's moving, or I'd have done that.
No, I missed everything scheduled for tonight, because I slept from
9am until 10pm. 13 hours. Guess I needed sleep, or something.


So, while doing some log perusing, I found in the referrer portion
hits coming from one:

Apparently I won some "Geek of the Week" award in February. I had
no idea! I wish they'd let me know, I'd have given them the actual
geek URL, and, uhm, a quote *I* made, not one coming from the results
of an online quiz. But, I am flattered, however belatedly. :)

(no subject)

Linkin Park has a mech video. This is very cool.

Yes, I shamefully admit I like Linkin Park, despite them being the obvious marketting invention.. in fact, probably because they are this marketting invention designed to epitomize the current college demographic. It's so fakely so, but it's so very very much so. And so, I like Linkin Park.

So while downloading Oingo Boingo videos today (mmm, Steve Bartek), I pulled down some Linkin Park that I happened upon in one of the users' directories. Then I decided they were actually pretty good, so I downloaded more. Now I have three.

And the third is a mech video.