August 13th, 2002


The Only

There's a coffee shop here in Peterborough that is truly wonderful.
First of all, it has good coffee. Second of all, it has good cider
(including raspberry), and what looks like a decent selection of
beer. Thirdly, good omelets. Then there's the pinball machine in
the back. Then there's the fact that you can just go, get some
coffee, and read out on the patio for ages, occasionally people
you know (I'm starting to get to know ppl up here) will show up
and hang out.

This part feeling much like the old Beehive days, except that
instead of being out in the noisy gritty Oakland street idly watching
the Chesterfield Punks beg for money for their beer, you're nestled
amongst trees. Instead of the always too-few iron seats around
four iron tables in that small space, you are on wooden benches
happily spread out.

But, today I realized the biggest reason to consider this the best
coffee shop ever. In the girls' bathroom, there's a picture of

The God himself smiles upon you while you pee away the various
intoxicants you've placed in your body at this holy place. It's
just so appropriate.
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home, and...

Just walked into office to find my performance review on my desk.
Guess I got a raise. A pretty good one too, actually.
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