August 7th, 2002


Visor PDA hotsync over XP

Ok, so I have this Visor Deluxe. Because I'd let the batteries run
out, it's now a fresh Visor install, basically. Before I could get
it sunc previous to the battery drain, I didn't have the USB card
so that I could use my USB cradle (shipped with Visor). Now I do,
and it's in the XP machine. I plugged in the Cradle, put the Visor
into the Cradle, followed the directions at
for installing HotSync/Palm Desktop on XP.... and...

When I press the HotSync button, I hear a "bloop" from my speakers,
the Visor does nothing, until speakers bloop again, and the Visor
errors with the notice "cannot connect to desktop".

I've tried *everything* on the site, and to no avail.
Now, here's the frustrating point, I'm leaving for Canada on Thursday
morning, and was hoping to install peanut press (a palm reader) and
a few books onto it so that I had lots to read in very little
space... and it's just plain *not working*. I'm about ready to
chuck the thing out the window.

So, if anyone has advice for this problem, please let me know?
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So, the reason my PDA wouldn't hotsync:

XP by default for "power saving" has the "feature" that it will turn off the USB ports whenever it feels like it. I finally found that option, told it to go to hell, and now I can hotsync. Geezus bloody keeriste.