June 27th, 2002


I'm proud of me..

ok, I finally got the SUCK ASS assignment done. You may view my
resume as a Java Applet at:


Now, wasn't that exciting?

The biggest reason this is cool is not the project, but that I did
it. Earlier today I was completely frustrated by the fact that I
couldn't find much instruction in the book or in the notes to really
explain applets, and just had no clue on how to approach this
project. However, I realized that I could hack the code the prof
gave to make it do the above.

No, I've still not learned applets, I know. But! I got the homework
done, and that's what matters before Monday when I can ask more
questions on the subject :)
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I was dreaming that I was eating Quaker Oatmeal, and the prizes in the box were :Wumpscut: CDs. I was just pulling out one of the CDs to see which one it was when a loud clap of thunder woke me up.

(no subject)

Ok, on a whim I picked up a couple of animes I'd not really heard much about yet. One of these is, well, it's anime. The other is Boogie Pop, the first set. I will now have to get the rest of the series. It's very reminescent of Lain in animation and setting, but darker. Much darker. I like it.