June 12th, 2002


float float float

Well, I was doing ok until I got to work. Now I'm all floaty again.


In fact, from just now on IRC:

<hope23> should i buy cigarettes or spend a few days in hell and quit?
> moyer: I quit.
> they're raising the prices of cigs again by $1/pack.
> or something ridiculous like that.
> actually stated in press statement to NPR: "We believe this will make us $85
> I mean, not even an attempt to pretend it's for the good of the people, just
+for their budget.

Of course, the fact that I have no money until sometime Friday helps this
idea along :)

Ok, today. hrmmm. Mostly I vegged out, took my roomie to the
airport (involving some firetruck losing a bag in front of my car,
then me chasing down some firetruck I could find to return it, all
because I was trying to get home without too bad of rush hour
traffic). And, uhm, then hung out with my mom for what was an
actually pleasant time before work.

Now I'm at work and my brain is offline again. Sigh.

This too shall pass... though I remember finally giving up and
starting smoking at INKT again simply because this floaty feeling
was killing my ability to work. I should prolly really get back
into the walking/public trans thing again... been too reliant on
my car, ugh. And right now I think walking would help bring my
head back to my shoulders.
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I am patched.

So, last night I found a bug in my system. With the absence of
nicotine, my head feels like a ball of light, exploding into all
kinds of rays that *I can see*. Deciding this is counter-productive,
I found my leftover patches from the last time I quit this morning.
Only two of them, but that'll carry me until Friday when I get

And for those who have seen me patched before, I put it in the
usual place -- on the arm where I can tap it to remind myself of
the junkie I really am for this.
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