May 20th, 2002


good day!

Ran Feng Shui today. And was happily surprised that it went well!
We have a Big Bruiser bodyguard, a Crazy Killer, and two very young
girls (both Creatures, one Supernatural, one Transformed) in the
party. It started in a strip club where their friend was shot in
the head by some thugs, which they easily took out. Then they were
taken to the boss' place to get debriefed and asked to do some
outside investigation work. Then. They decided to go shopping.
At that point I just sat back and let them play against each other.

Twas fun!

Then I went off to punk karaoke, and had a blast. vocis even
sang! And well! I did Hazy Shade of Winter, and it seemed to go
well despite my forgetting how it went halfway through (winged it,
and laughed, and all was good). Spaz just took all the kudos with
his antics, of course... but since most of the audience knew some
of the rest, and there was a feeling of comraderie among all (hey,
we're all freaks!), we were all bouncing retorts back and forth
the whole while. Much goodness and joy!

Ok, early night for sleep now, class tomorrow!
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Dreamt last night that I missed my class driving around Oakland looking
for a parking space. Then I got really mad and wished I could take
back time and take the damn bus like I plan to.

Guess I just took back time. :)

And this counts as my first school dream after coming back to school!
(Yes, I'm all excited about this.)

Ok, now to take a bath so that I don't miss the bus.
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