May 19th, 2002


on the topic of lj

<Kosai> I'm beginning that livejournal culture is actually tremendously
<Kosai> You have a bunch of people who post their problems and get e-hugs
+comfort from random people they don't really know. I'm sure this makes said
+people worse at dealing with problems when they don't have a /update.bml
* gwenix giggles.
* gwenix uses her lj account to only post happy fluff.
* gwenix actually makes a concerted effort at this.
> I have my own set of scripts for my more serious journal elsewhere, of
<Kosai> gwenix: Good for you.
> Well, I have a bunch of friends on lj who aren't using it as a
+group... we use it as a way to keep up to date with how our busy lives are
> Or, uhm, smoke crack and post something funny. :)
<Kosai> Heh. Let them know that they're restoring my faith in humanity.

There. Now you all know too. :)
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