May 13th, 2002


I have done Karaoke

And it was oddly fun. Guess I'm going back next week. Arcane Matt
made me do Tori Amos' "Silent All These Years" too, and while I
know I've done better in my life, it seemed to be well received.

Now, I get much needed sleep.
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    Massive Attack - Rising Son

In a classroom!

So, I'm sitting in the classroom. An hour early. Well, I'd be in
a lab right now if it weren't cancelled, but since it was, I'm
waiting for the lecture to start. Already met one of my classmates
(he was also here for the lab that wasn't to be, so we went to
Starbucks instead) and he's also a returning student after being
in the field. Worked for Lycos even! So he knows a lot of people
I know (Lycos people, and telerama people, and apparently ray).
So this quells some of my fears of being completely out of place
and older in the classroom, yay!

It is weird being in Oakland and there's no Beehive, though. I
miss it lots now. Ah well, time moves along.
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    the beep of my classmate's computer