May 11th, 2002


This week on the Lu-NARs channel...

Last week we left off at the precipice of attack upon the mighty
army of the Virgin Warrior Women clothed only in blood! They cry
mightily, taunting us in their numbers of 500 to our 3 at point
and 1 herding the cattle and merry men.

Gengitsune and Gaum take flank to Furious Lotus' point, forming a
rough V formation to tackle the army straight into the middle of
this wall of women. Spirit Eyes is left behind the herd directing
their stampede straight to the newly wrought hole. The stampede
is due in a mere 30 seconds, it would seem a tough call that the
three can get enough of a gap to channel the stampede into in that
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    DJ Todd's Retirement (from Sanctuary) show

Ok, last one, I swear it.

You Are A Mage
Take the World of Darkness Quiz
by David J Rust

More interesting is the overwhelming scoring:

Vampire Score: 9 WereWolf Score: -9 Mage Score: 15 Wraith Score: 7 Changeling Score: 4

Of course, I'm somewhat disappointed there's no Kuei-jin in there,
but not because I thought I should get it. I'd still have gotten
Mage. Technocracy? Me? Is this any surprise to anyone? :)

Now, it'd prolly help if I'd actually read more than the 2 chaps of
background each in MageRev and Technocracy.

Ok, I'll go find something other than these LJ quizes to entertain
myself now.
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