May 7th, 2002


Missionaries of Charity

I'm working on a site for Ranju, showcasing her time volunteering
for the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa's organization) in
Calcutta earlier this year:

This is only an early prototype; I'll be working on its style and
content tweaking things over the next few weeks certainly, but I'd
love advice on what can be done. One thing I do note, though, I
am not editting her email, I want that kept just as I received it.

(Anyone interested in musings about hers and my friendship can hit
my JournalDark for that.)
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Ok, normally I don't post the stuff I don't agree with, but since this
particular test has been dead accurate for others, it amuses me that
it's so dead wrong for me. I am sooo amused.
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car back!

Car back! I don't know why this occurs but everytime it's been at the
shop, it stops making noises from the engine that Should Not Be. The
alignment's even back in order. I love those guys. :)

I think I'll take pub trans to work tonight if it's not raining too
hard anyway, though. I was really enjoying the walking!
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