May 5th, 2002



It's so great to have a friend you see only once every three to six years,
and still have the kind of relationship where you're very close despite
that. :)

Plus, she walks with me! As stated on a chatline:

But we walked from my place to the incline, took the incline down the
hill, then walked from there to 20th (the incline is 4 blocks before 1st),
walked back to Starbucks at 14th, then walked back to 24th to get dinner...
then walked back to 17th to get in our friend's jeep... stuff all five of us
in the jeep, drove to squirrel hill, dropping off stuff and one person, then
she and I were dropped off in Oakland where we walked from one end to the
other of that and bussed back to my mom's place.
Lots of walking!
It was great!
I also got back in touch with two other HS friends I haven't seen in
years, will probably be seeing Colleen at Origins since she lives in Columbus
now... and found out from other friend's wife how to volunteer at the local
women's shelter.

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