May 2nd, 2002


So, I've decided...

Since I'm not doing the International Vampyr Daisy Day camping
trip, and I've been horribly jonesing to dye my hair again, I'm
going to take some time that Saturday to do so. It'll be tough
since I'm working the night before, but it's much more like the
original IVDDay when Douglas and I tie dyed t-shirts in his dorm
apartment; now I'll just dye my hair!

Besides, it's a great way to start the class that monday :)

I'm fairly certain what I'll do is a copper base with fairly normal
dye I'll pick up at the store, and purple highlights. This will
require strand bleaching, then tin foiling those sections with the
purple dye while doing the rest with the more normal stuff, so will
take a while. However, it's something I've wanted to do before,
and I figure if it's only highlighted purple, I can tie it back
when visiting g-ma.

Hopefully I'll have *time* to do this with all the other stuff I
gotta do... if it's a problem, I'll do the dying on Friday, and
just drink on Saturday :)
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