April 25th, 2002



Woke up coughing up a lung. 2 days until Toronto, my lungs are
trying to dissolve into a pile of goo. Rawk! I mean, this won't
stop me or anything, I'll just sound like a Cystic Fibrosis patient
for a bit.

Mabbe I can convince someone I'm dying. Heh.

Other than that, I remember the days when I thought 2400 bps was
a marvelous and wonderful thing... now I'm bitching that I'm
connected at only 36000bps. I love technology and it's rapid
growth. :)
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    kids screaming from the elementary school

hairs cut!

So, my hair is no longer a straggly mess of tangles, either actual
or impending. In fact, it's pretty damn nifty, the back being shorter
than the front again, mostly blunt for that fact, some wispinesseses
around the face. All good.

Lunars was fun, but I realize just how little I've played tabletop
White Wolf over the years. Geoff yells, "Gwen! It's just like
Celerity!" I reply, "huh?" thinking about hand signals, gah! Ah
well. I'll learn quickly (and loudly) enough.

Now I just wish I'd gotten more than four hours sleep today. :/
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    Big Black - Kerosene