April 24th, 2002



This post is mostly for d33ann, but anyone else is free to make comments of course.

What I will be wearing in Toronto:

For Saturday evening dinner and clothes/cheese hunting, I will be wearing my warm black stretch pants (what I wore to Mad Mex on Monday, dee) under the pleather skirt I got from cathgrey (yes! I still wear your clothes cath!), simple black t-neck on top. I figure I'll wear my trench (long sweatery thing you like, dee) overtop as the jacket.

For Saturday night clubbing, I will be donning the New Cute Dress (which I guess should just be "Cute Dress" now) -- the black and white piece I wore to Ceremony about a month ago -- under my standard black blazer. If we're walking to the club, I'll wear the Nice Coat (the velvety grey to black capey thing I have) as well.

For Sunday museum/gallery browsing, I'll be wearing the form fitting black suit I have (dee, you'll *love* it), Nice Coat over top.

For Nick Cave, I'm going all out with the velvet Macy's dress (tyrsalvia will remember getting it with me in Daly City!), black beaded headdress, silver beaded scarf, etc etc. What I wore for Halloween last year, essentially, because, well, it looks good on me. :)

Yes, this means I'm bringing the big suitcase. But know what?
It's not like we're gonna be cramped for room driving up.
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busy day!

Went to the AAA to get my registration papers, took them to the
autoshop to get the VIN verified, went back to AAA... found out
that I actually need my CA title to get things registered. SO..
car's not gonna be registered in time to go across the border.
HOWEVER, talking to others about this, we'll be fine without it.

Got some more cleaning done (also finally talked to my roommate on
the phone and got a scolding for the state of the house, oops!) on
the first floor, and got the car cleaned out. Also started packing
up the outfits.

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