April 22nd, 2002


Third floor, clean!

Yay! The third floor of my house is cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean! I
even vacuumed, be proud of me! And all garbage is out, and laundry
is being run through. Woot!

Tomorrow, I will work on the second floor and the dishes. Doing
the dishes will mean the first floor is largely done as well (cept
for the big mound o stuff my mom hoisted on me, and has been sitting
under the piano since).
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Well, decided to tackle the mound of stuff my mom dumped on me
before the garbage men got in so that I could toss the old boxes
(they were falling apart, I was relocating the contents to a more
sturdy bin), and discovered that one of these boxes was my ancient
history box from my gradeschool years. And wow did that hurt.
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