April 18th, 2002


can't sleep the clowns will eat me

So, I spent yesterday pretty much in a constant feverish state.
I posted here in the one between deliriums spell I had, the rest
of the time I pretty much tossed and turned and felt alternately
cold and hot while hallucinating. Whee! And to think, some people
take drugs to feel that way!

Anyway, now I'm much better, but still not 100%, evidenced by the
fact that I managed to stupidly get my thumb caught between the
sections of the garage door and smooshed it while closing the thing.
Argh! Pain! Fortunately no permanent damage.

Now I'm trying to nap so that I can make it through tonight (woke
up at 8am and proceeded to install the Two Towers Trailer on my
mom's imac since she has quicktime to watch it, didn't sleep after
that), but that's just not happening. It's too damn hot. I mean,
I'm nekkid and I'm too damn hot.

I think I need to move to Alaska. It's cold there. Really.

Other than that, happily awaiting the Lunars session tonight. We
added Rippee now, so it's Aleris, Hudson, Rippee, Spyder, and
myself. Good group! Yay!
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