April 11th, 2002



(referring to the game: http://www.pbm.com/tbg/tbg.html)

*whine whine whine*

Beyond that, went to mom's to pick up the gear for Sarah and Alex to use (plus all the gear I'd left behind, finally found my card table!) She was grumpy for unknown reasons, so didn't stay long. Then went to Tami's to hypothetically hang out and read, but we ended up talking about bois, life, and gaming for hours so that ended that. Went home and bathed/napped for a couple hours, now at work.

Then I opened my game and found that I LOST SO MUCH OF MY SHIP. *cry cry sniff*

Ok, yah, it's just a game, but dammit, I've restarted 3 times now, and I was *finally* getting somewhere, and I FORGOT that weasels were aggro! It's MY FAULT. gaaaaaaah. dammit dammit dammit.

I guess I'll work my way back out of this hole somehow.

And on a final note, ab. Slog's posting:

"$273,000 for the Blue Springs (Missouri) Youth Orchestra Outreach Unit
for educational training to combat Goth culture;"

I picture a couple soccer moms sitting around a bright yellow kitchen table drinking coffee in their prim flower print dresses:

SM1: .... I don't get this Osama Bin Laden. I mean, how can someone attack innocent people all in the name of religion? I just don't get it!
SM2: I know, it's just awful.
SM1: Oh, now, looks at the time. Gotta get my kid to the Combat Goth Culture meeting.
SM2: You must be so proud of him!
SM1: Yes, we raised him right, a True Christian.

I personally think that we should declare all soccer moms as terrorists and act accordingly.
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when i'm bored

Finished the work I had to do around 4am, so have been finding ways
to do something productive in the meantime. I've sorted all of my
geek mail and my slackers mail account, fixed my links script
(http://www.vampyradaisy.com/cgi-bin/links.pl) so that it gives
category tags at the top if there are more than 5 categories in
the links list for that page, and helped kel.li with her pair
issues. Yay.

The Lunars creation stuff doesn't start until 8:30 tonight after
all, so I'll have time to work on more camping gear arrangement,
yay! Maybe I'll even have time to read more Exalted!

I kinda wonder if I have too much on my plate for the next couple
months, what with camping, International Vampyr Daisy Day, Nick
Cave, VNV Nation, school starting, and, uhmmm, either Drac Ball
or MarCon. I'm considering dumping the last simply so I can
get some rest, but that's the last event of the long string,
so who can know how I'll feel closer to it.

We'll see I guess.

Ok! Home time!
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Yay Lunars!

You know, I just realized that all my music so far is pretty mainline
EBM/technoindustrial crap. Sorry about that, I'm working on my
work "thumpthumpthump" playlist; which means that I dumped a bunch
of likely bands onto the list and as something that comes up that
doesn't go *thud thud thud* all the time, I remove it. So, I work
on these playlists for days. I want a thumpthumpthump playlist
since it's pretty easy music to keep me motivated as ignorable
background music.


We hashed out our Lunars concepts today, sounds like a good party in
the making; fairly balanced with a good bunch of people in the right
spirit for it. I looked at the 80 page list of charms as well, and
basically asked about five times, "only 8 starting? man, shoot!"

And, uh, that's it in my fairly boring-to-most-people day. Oh,
Dee will be interested in the following event: my car goes into
the shop tomorrow morning. Hopefully it returns in a much better
shape (I've taken to screaming at it while driving, "RUN HAMSTERS
With luck, I'll have the money to even get it inspected and
registered before I have to take it across the .us-.ca border!

And now, I work. Looks like (shock shock) it's a night for ..

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You know, that's the name of my brother's fish.

You're a giant oven shaped like, suprise, a brazen bull. A fire is lit under your belly, and the person inside is roasted alive. You really blow your top when someone makes you mad, though that can take a bit of work on their part.

What torture would you be?
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