April 10th, 2002



Moving yesterday left my shoulders a complete mess (and Geoff did such a great job finally getting them loosened up on Sunday night!) I've
been in slow pain all day, crackling noises from the muscles under my shoulder blades when they move. I slept instead of taking the car to the shop, oops. That's ok though, I'll just take it in on Friday and get Ray to drive us down to camping. Without the third person in the car, we'll be able to fit everything we need in the back seat and trunk with no problem.

Heh, insert interruption here while a coworker comes up to ask a question.

Hrmm. Anyway, the sleep was good. I did pull up a bunch of gear from the basement and arranged with mom to pick up some more from her house tomorrow. Last time I was camping, I was still living at her place.. so I'm sure I still have stuff over there (realized just now I didn't find my stove in the basement).

Outside of that, my cat is acting strangish. He's been ubercuddly and acting like he's hungry (which isn't unusual) but then not eating much (which is unusual). He hasn't had differently sized eyes in ... hrmm .. a very long time now, so I dunno what to make of it. I really should get him retested like the vet advised, though -- it's been 4 years since his FeLV diagnosis now, and normally they don't live 2. And beyond my super-paranoid noticings, he's been perfectly healthy. Hrmm.

Ok, I guess that's about it for my day, and I need to get to that mysql issue.

Oh, using "quixotic" as the mood simply because I want to see the icon for it. That will amuse me greatly.
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Ha! It's working!

Ok, I think quixotic will be my default. That icon did in fact amuse me greatly.

Posting this since I saw that my old client post came up, and I'm seeing if it will continue to do so.
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Work completed, there's still an hour to go on the shift. Just got from resort:

> Leviathan tells you 'Damn, you're up late'

Then he logged off.

Too bad, because I've taken to responding to such questions with, "If I'm awake, of course it's late."

Guess I'll go read my daily dose of webcomics.
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