April 9th, 2002


first post

Moved Tami today. Very tiring. I was pumped for a long while, but
now that the night drifts along, I grow very weary. I have to fix
some server too and my mind's kinda fried for it -- so this will be
short. Moving Tami around was much fun, though. I hadn't driven a
U-Haul in months! Actually, the last time I did was moving my stuff
to storage in SF. Between this and the weather warming up, I'm missing
SF again, alas. But school starts soon! yay!

Ok, that's it. Bibi!
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    The Black Dog with Ofra Haza, "Babylon"

Ok, no client for me.

Maybe I'll get that to work when I have more time. I was far too exhausted tonight to deal with things past a skimming level that weren't work, and far too brain fried to do even that. Alas! Ah well, Tami really needed the help with moving -- turns out I was the only driver of us three girls moving her furniture out of the storage area and into the U-Haul. Plus, it was fun. This counts as both exercise AND getting out!
Really! But now, I must depart for home. I don't think I'll be awake to get my car into the shop this morning, but hopefully I can get it there this afternoon.
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