gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Public Transportation hearing.

Went down to the public transportation hearing today to give my speech. We were given only three minutes to give our spiels, so I decided to focus on the very personal. I know they have a lot of the statistics on their own hands, and I know a lot of people would speak to the issues of the bus system itself, so I realized telling stories from the Incline to show its service to the community would have a lot of impact. So, I focused on these, wrote up my speech (slog and vocis watched me do it), made some last minute changes to it while waiting my turn, then delivered it.

I think my speech only lasted a minute and a half, but seemed to have the impact I hoped for (yay my ability to be succinct!) as when I finished, the usually bored-looking panel said, "Well put!" and then asked for my hard copy as a statement. Yay!

Anyway, because I'm an exhibitionist and proud of this one, here's my speech:

I have two bus passes. One from my work, an official PAT bus pass,
and one from my school as a part of my ID. I could discontinue
the one from work and save money, but I continue it because I
believe in supporting my public transportation. I believe in public
transportation because I grew up in Pittsburgh that has always had
a good Public Transportation system.

I live on Mount Washington, I work on the SouthSide as a Computer
Specialist, and I attend the University of Pittsburgh. I chose
where I live because I can take the incline down the hill and make
it to my work or my school very easily. Even if I take no other
bus to work, walking all the way down East Carson, I know the
Incline will get me up the very steep hill home.

Without the Incline, I, like a number of others on Mount Washington
without cars, am stranded. Discontinuing Sunday service will do
strand me.

Furthermore, I know from taking the incline so often the sorts of
people who take it. Take, for instance, the guys I met one day in
from Chicago on a tour of stadiums, and wanted a better view of
them from Grandview. The incline is usually very crowded on the
weekends, including Sundays, with the tourists such as these.

Or how about the little old lady I saw one Sunday morning? She
grew up on Mount Washington, but moved to Carrick to live with her
daughter five years ago. Now she takes the incline every Sunday
morning to go back to her home church.

Discontinuing the Incline on the vital weekend hours does our entire
community a disservice. It will damage the Mount Washington
community by stranding it on weekends, leaving it less appealing
for young folks looking for a good place close to Downtown. It
will harm our tourist industry surrounding one of our most recognized
Pittsburgh Landmarks. Please reconsider your options. Without
the Sunday Service, I will have no reason to continue my second
bus pass.

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